The sighting Reports.

Welcome to the reports section. There are quite a few here. I have included those from neighboring provinces and states also. Manitoba borders Ontario, and the border cuts through dense boreal forest. The Saskachewan border is open praire in the south and boreal forest to the north. I must apologize for saying that Saskatchewan has no reports…In fact I found some, but had to look hard for them. There is a special mention regarding the state of Minnesota. There is a strip of crown owned provincial forest which runs from Pine Falls down to, and across the Can. – U.S. border. This is protected forest, and may act as a corridor for the sasquatch to travel. We may possibly share sightings of the same creatures the Minnesota people see. With the exception of the forest strip, everything else is open spaces in southern Manitoba. And now on to the reports.

Official Winnipeg River Sasquatch Assoc. Reports (Formerly the Manitoba Sasquatch Society)
August, 1985 Northern Manitoba sighting
Early winter /2002 Creature seen crossing foot path
August /2003 Tall dark creature screams at witnesses home park

Documented Manitoba Reports

Fall / 1996 Car hits bigfoot

Aug. / 1996 Bigfoot seen in ditch
No date Bigfoot seen from plane
Oct. 11 / 2004 Grouse put on trail for hiker
Oct. 16 / 2004 Hunter shoots bigfoot
Aug. 31 / 2004 Two sightings North of The Pas
May 22 / 2004 Sasquatch sighting near Grand Rapids
March 24 / 2004 Spring sighting north of Winnipeg
July 10/1998 Creature seen with it’s arm’s swinging
July 25/1998 Huge prints discovered
May /1999 Hairy creature seen by tow truck driver
August 18/2000 A clear sighting of a sasquatch
October /2001 Creature crosses park
October /1975/1976 Young boy sneaks up on hairy man
May /2003 Woman witnesses creature walking into bush
April /2003 Teacher witnesses “thing” at school fence in early morning
August /1996 Creature seen walking across grain field
Sept. /1990 “clump” of grass stands up

Other Documented Reports
Ontario From the BFRO files

Ontario From the GCBRO files

Saskatchewan From the BFRO files
Saskatchewan From the GCBFRO files

Minnesota From the BFRO files
Minnesota From the GCBFRO files
North Dakota From the BFRO files