Sasquatch Links

Welcome to the links section. Over the past few months I have encountered several interesting sites. These sites are well established and some are very scientific and reputable. At the top of the list is the Bigfoot Researchers Organization (very dedicated, with their own team of biologists). This one is well worth a look!

If anyone has any links they wish to contribute, please E-mail me. My address is on the main page of the site. I will review them and will reply to you.

And now onto the links! Enjoy!

Sasquatch Site Links

WCSRO Western Canadian Sasquatch Research Organization
Oregon A Pacific North-West group
East Texas An independant Research group Bigfoot Researchers Organization. A very detailed site.
Bigfoot A B.C. website Gulf Coast research group
International Bigfoot Society A subsiduary group of the Western Bigfoot Society An Australian site spotlighting the Yowie
Minnesota Bigfoot A great site from our U.S. neighbor
Kiamichibigfoot Bigfoot Researchers in Oklahoma
J. Vaughn’s Sasquatch page A site from Eastern Kentucky with many links.
Barney’s Homepage A very interesting Ontario site
Sasquatch and Wilderness enthusiasts An MSN group from the Pacific Northwest.
Pacific North-West Operations A group started by the late Fred Bradshaw.
The Paranormal News Site with lots of interesting sasquatch stuff.
Friends of Bigfoot A good detailed site.
Bigfoot Searcher A good site from Florida.
Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society A group with year round expeditions. The world’s only Yeti preserve
Texas A brand new site! Worth a look!

Gigantopithecus Links

Cryptozoo Monstrous Theories about the existence of Sasquatch
The BFRO New life size replica of the Gigantopithecus Blacki
The ape that was Detailed history of the archeology of Gigantopithecus Blacki