The Manager

About the Manager

Well, here we are. Start with a little about how this all started and my story….. Many years ago at the age of ten years old I had my first sasquatch encounter. It changed my life forever. It was a lovely September evening and you could smell the crispness in the air. The time was appoximately 17:30. I had been around the yard and it was time to go inside. As I was heading for the door my dog Tasha started going nuts. She was very upset and I had never seen her this upset before. She was barking and snarling towards the river pulling on her chain like mad. She was tethered to a willow tree. I looked over at her and asked her “what’s wrong girl?” She did not even glance at me. I began to worry there may be a bear in the yard. It was the time of year for them to wander. I walked over to her to see what the fuss was about. I gave her a pet on the head and looked the direction she was looking. What I saw shocked me and made me freeze. There was a dark shaggy creature running away towards the river. The distance was about 100 yards but I saw it ran on two legs and was appox. 8-9 feet tall. There was also a very pungent odour in the air, kind of like vomit and rotten fish. The sun was low on the horizon and I could see it’s shape. Covered in long shaggy hair with no neck visible. It’s head had a point on top. I grabbed the dog’s chain to unhook her and take her in, but I couldn’t move. As the creature started to disappear down the hill it stopped and turned towards us. I could see the definite shape of hands with fingers and it’s arms were extremely long. It let out a scream I will never, ever forget. It was deafening and terrifying. It was then I managed to free the dog from her chain. I ran to the house as fast as my feet would carry me and slammed the door shut.

The years that followed were plauged with the same recurring dream. I would dream this creature was chasing me down through the woods. I tripped over a log and it would catch me, digging it’s sharp claws into my sides. I would wake up screaming. This happened for the next 4 years almost every night. I never did tell my parents about what I saw and why I was having these dreams. They would think I was nuts. Well as time went by the dreams did get fewer and fewer until they just never came back. By this time I was almost 17.
I forgot about this event for the next 10 years, but something triggered my interest at the age of 27. I’m not sure if it was a book or tv show, but I started to dig around looking for information on this creature. It fasinacted me now and the terror was just gone. I kept digging for more information as time went by and eventually got onto the internet. I found everything I wanted to know there.
That’s pretty much my story and how it has affected my life. The chase will go on until I can chase no more.

Currently I am 38 years old, and reside in Central Eastern Manitoba, Canada. I work in the Environmental Field and have a passion for the outdoors, conservation and Environmental issues. I have been happily married for 11 years, with two children.

Hobbies are being outdoors trekking through the bush, armed with a camera, listening to good music, cooking Italian (when I get the energy), getting involved in my community and, of course, spending time on the PC.

The passion of chasing the sasquatch has been a long one. I truly believe he is a very special individual. The decades of eluding people and not being captured are truly incredible.

Quick facts about Manitoba

The Province of Manitoba lies at the geographical centre of North America. It has been a province of Canada since 1870, and Manitoba means “where the spirit lives” in the languages of the Aboriginal peoples who live here.
Total area= 649 947 square Km (twice the size of the U.K.)
Co Ordinates= Extends from the 49 th parallel up to 60 th (same as going from Paris, France to Oslo, Norway)
Measurements= 1400 Km north to south, 900 Km at widest point and 500 Km at narrowest point.
Water area= 101 592 square Km
Land area= 548 356 square Km
Coastline (salt water)= 645 Km
Total population= 1.15 million
Forest cover= Over 260 000 square Km. That’s 47 % of our land area! Of this 94% is Crown land (Government owned)
Area per each person living here= .57 square Km/person (average Population density)

That’s a run-down on us. It is a very wild place still, with half the land uninhabited. This is populated by many species of wildlife.

For more information and pictures of Manitoba click the flag.